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Come with me on a journey into my life and the life of so many parents I have coached.

Imagine never worrying about whether your child will listen to you or not. Just knowing that when you give a direction, your child will either follow it, or you will calmly give the next step. Of course children aren't perfect, but you have all the tools you need to handle any behavior they present. Your parent boundaries are solid and you easily follow through. You are consistent with what you will accept and what you will not. You have appropriate go to consequences which are easily carried out. You are mostly praising your child for their good listening skills, and how pleasant they are to be with. Sound too good to be true?

I want every parent to have this experience. That is why I created the A+PlayBook. I took everything I learned in 25 years as a developmental behaviorist and condensed it into a structured program for everyone to follow. You will be brought onto the path of positive behavior. No degree required. All virtual and scheduled in your own free time. Sign up for your free information call about the A+PlayBook Workshop today (For ages 2-6) You not only owe it to your child; you owe it to yourself smiley

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